If you want to see some impressive lawn mowing, you'll want to check out this crazy Hudson Valley landscaper.

The ingenious lawn mowing skills were captured on Broadway in Kingston this weekend by Facebook user Tiffany Burkhart-Sperl. Tiffany was across the street from Kingston Auto Supply when she witnessed someone mowing the steep hill in front of the NAPA store.

As she looked across the street, Tiffany saw the man let go of his lawnmower and watch it slide down the hill. What happened next, though, was pure genius:

Lawnmowing experts suggest tackling steep hills by mowing sideways, working your way up the hill horizontally. This makes it much easier to control the mower and avoid accidents. Apparently, this mowing daredevil didn't read the manual. He probably also didn't check out the paragraph that says it's especially dangerous to mow steep hills when the grass is wet, as rain is clearly seen falling from the sky as he yo-yo-mows his way across the hill.

What do you think about this guy's extreme mowing skills? Are you impressed by his ingenuity or do you think his antics are a bit too dangerous to try yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.