If you're looking for a hand blowing your leaves, Jay Lotaj is the man for the job.

The local Dutchess County landscaper has partnered with Pornhub to offer complementary leaf pickup to local homeowners. Lotaj told us that he was confused when the adult website called him to discuss the partnership, but eventually realized their offer was sincere.

The adult website is looking to penetrate the Hudson Valley market and decided that offering up complementary landscaping services was a good way to go about it. Lotaj admits he's been impressed with the professionalism of the company who he says genuinely wants to help out the community.

Lotaj's company, Dutchess Lawns, has rebranded their vehicles with the Pornhub logo and his employees are also now wearing Pornhub uniforms. Having a porn website camped outside your house may rub some customers the wrong way, so we asked Logaj how his customers have felt about the new partnership. We also wanted to know what the reaction was from his workers when they found out they would be representing the adult website. His spoke candidly with us about the unconventional marketing strategy in an exclusive interview:

So far Lotaj says he's the reaction to the free leaf removal has been explosive. The company has already received over 400 requests, but don't fear, there is a happy ending. Many of the calls have been from outside the area, so Lotaj still has plenty of room to schedule more lawns in Dutchess County.

If you'd like to take advantage of the "Pornhub Blows America" promotion and get your yard cleaned to completion, you can request the service by sending an email to blows@pornhub.com.