A Hudson Valley firehouse showed us what heroes they truly are after responding to a tragic bicycle accident this week.

On Tuesday night the Ulster Hose Company Five responded to an accident between a car and a bicycle. The incident happened just after 6pm when a car struck a child who was riding his bicycle.

The child was sent to the hospital. Luckily, his injuries were characterized as "very minor." Sadly, the same couldn't be said for his bicycle. It turns out that the bike received the brunt of the accident.

The Ulster Hose Company discovered just how badly the bicycle was damaged when they returned it to the child's home. While he was getting checked out at the hospital, the firefighters decided to take the bike back to the victim's house. Upon further inspection, they realized the bike was damaged beyond repair.

Instead of just dropping off the totaled bike on the child's lawn, the firefighters decided to do something that would turn this tragic situation into a moment of pure joy.

After leaving the hospital, the injured child returned home to discover the Ulster Hose members waiting for him. The firefighters had gone to the store and purchased a brand new bike for the boy, delivering it personally to him.

Going above and beyond is something we've seen time and time again from our Hudson Valley firefighters. This story, however, is one that a young child will remember for his entire life.

Kudos to the Ulster Hose Company Five, and thank you for your service to the community.

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