It's no secret that the Hudson Valley has become a sought after spot for movies and television shows recently. In the past few years, film crews have come in to shoot movies such as The Quiet Place, along with television shows such as Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, White House Plumbers, and Sex Lives of College Girls. 

If one is interested in the latest filming happening in the area, it would be wise to follow the Hudson Valley Film Commission on Instagram. They post a lot of cool updates about projects in the area. Their post from last night; however, had me scratching my head.

A Mystery Diner for a Mystery Set


The Hudson Valley Film Commission just posted a picture of a diner on their Instagram page last night. The post also alerted followers to go check out more featured locations on SmugMug. Their SmugMug account is filled with location galleries from historic sites, airports, bridges, courthouses, castles, homes, trains, cars, homes, restaurants, and yes, diners. When you go to the diner section; however, the picture they posted on Instagram is not there.

When you circle back to the Instagram post, it neither says where this diner is nor what it is being used for. I wouldn't know what this is being used for, but I may have a hunch as to where this diner is.

A Trip to Germantown, NY

Google Maps
Google Maps







To me, this looks like the abandoned diner that sits at 4431 NY-9G. I've had to pass this diner dozens of times through the years as I commuted to and from Albany for college. First off, this Google Maps picture is from 2019, so it wouldn't be exactly as it is now. The picture from their Instagram is clearly cleaned up, dons a "DINER" sign in the center, has a clock, and some greenery. It looks like this place could've been souped up to fit the vision of some film.

If I Did My Research Correctly...

Google Maps
Google Maps







I tried to do some digging about this mysterious diner location. I looked up the address, and I got something from According to the site, it states that the diner was "Crossroads Diner: A 1955 Fodero diner in Germantown, New York," and the status is "Closed or missing." I love the thought of a diner going missing.

In the notes section, Dinerville says:

Formerly Crossroads Diner at 37177 NY-23 in Grand Forge (next to the Post Office), and before that the Americana Diner. Was sitting in a field in Gilboa, rotting, until it was restored and moved to Grand Gorge. New name as of April 2008....

As of Jan.2017, it was purchased by Vivki and Mike Leck, who operate Charlie O's Hometown Bar and Grill in Red Hook, and plan to operate the diner at this new location, where it was moved in mid-November 2017.

So, did I figure it out? Is this the mystery diner in the picture? And what film project is this diner being used for? If someone knows any more information on this or cares to correct my hypothesis, let us know in the app, or on our social media pages.

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