A couple of Hudson Valley accused criminals were apparently born to run.

A scam involving a garbage can and a New Jersey Home Depot is being blamed on two Hudson Valley residents.

According to The Sandpaper, the incident happened on January 11 at a Home Depot location in Manahawkin, New Jersey just minutes from Long Beach Island, a popular summer vacation destination.

Anthony Webb from Port Jervis and Kerry Connors from Middletown were charged by police with shoplifting, conspiracy to commit shoplifting, and receiving stolen property after police say they scammed the store.

Webb and Connors were allegedly spotted inside the store acting "suspicious," so two detectives were dispatched to conduct surveillance and find out what was going on. Webb, the 34-year-old Port Jervis man and Connors, 26, were seen leaving the Home Depot with a shopping cart containing a large garbage can and other items. The problem is, store representatives claimed that the couple did not actually pay for anything in their cart. That's when police sprung into action and cut them off in the parking lot.

After being confronted by authorities, Connors attempted to flee, but detectives quickly caught her and detained both of the Hudson Valley residents. After searching their vehicle, police say they discovered more stolen property that was part of another shoplifting scheme that happened two days earlier in the Northern New Jersey town of Newton. It's likely that the couple had been hitting Home Depot locations on their way south after leaving the Hudson Valley.

The duo was charged with shoplifting, conspiracy to commit shoplifting, and receiving stolen property before being released. They have been ordered to appear before a judge at Ocean County court.

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