This Easter, the chocolate bunny has some surprises up his sleeve or, more correctly, inside his belly.

A Hudson Valley chocolate shop is getting lots of attention for its unique Easter candies. Instead of the same old hollow bunny, the Orange County business is offering something quite unique.

Why are Chocolate Bunnies Hollow?

If you've ever wondered why chocolate Easter bunnies are hollow, you must have never tried to eat a solid one. The reason it's hollow is actually quite practical; it's easier to eat.

Warwick New York Chocolate

Chocolate bunnies used to be made of a solid piece of chocolate but during World War II, chocolate makers were forced to ration ingredients. Instead of making smaller bunnies, the hollow bunny was born.

Candy shops realized that same-sized chocolate bunnies could be made by using a mold to create two pieces that could be melted together. Customers quickly realized that it was much easier to break the hollow chocolates and eat the pieces instead of trying to chew through a hard, thick bunny ear.

Now, hollow chocolate Easter bunnies are the standard.

Warwick NY Chocolate Shop

Warwick, New York Chocolate Shop Fills the Void

The Warwick Chocolate Shop on Railroad Avenue in Warwick, New York has decided to put all of that empty space inside the chocolate Easter bunny to good use. The candy store has begun selling Easter candies that are filled with even more candy.

The store has several chocolate characters that you can crack open to reveal sweet treats hidden inside. There's a bear filled with Swedish fish, a frog filled with caramel popcorn and bunny that's got a belly full of gummy bears. Special Easter versions are filled with jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps.

Warwick NY Chocolate

The chocolate treats are being gobbled up by locals who are already filling their Easter baskets before the popular candy-filled chocolates disappear. According to the Warwick Chocolate Shop, customers can either stop in to pick up this year's bunny and friends at the store or have them shipped across the continental U.S.

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