Two talented local breweries have decided to join forces to create a unique, limited-edition beer.

Newburgh Brewing Company and Plan Bee Farm Brewery in Fishkill have come together to create a special beer called Cross-Pollination. Newburgh's brewmaster, Chris Basso, and Plan Bee brewer, Evan Watson, have collaborated on a recipe that merges the different styles of each brewery.

Watson claims the partnership came about after upgrades to his brewery left him without a place to make beer. Basso, who's friends with Watson, invited him to brew in Newburgh and that's where this special beer was born.

Cross-Pollination is a sour ale brewed with 100% New York-sourced malt, rose hips and "grape must". The brewers explain how those ingredients come together to create a unique flavor profile. To make the collaboration even more unique, the beer was divided into a split fermentation, with half of the beer made with Plan Bee's proprietary yeast cultivated from honey and the oter using Newburgh's house yeast.

You can get bottles of both versions of Cross-Pollination at Newburgh Brewing Company or by visiting Plan Bee at one of their farm market appearances.