A Hudson Valley bar is one of the first in the area to offer drinks that are made with smoke.

Bartender Steven Aigner is one of the few Hudson Valley bartenders that sets fire to things when making his cocktails. Word of Aigner's trend-setting smoked drinks have been making their way through the Hudson Valley and curious customers have been coming to Newburgh to try them for themselves.

The head bartender at the Liberty Street Bistro in Newburgh says he's always looking for innovative and new recipes and when he saw smoked cocktails he new he had to give them a try.

To create his smokey drinks, Aigner fills a glass with ice and places a burning piece of rosemary on top. The glass with the smoking herb is covered up with a cloche which traps the smoke inside and infuses it into the glass. After a minute or two the glass is filled with the cocktail and served to the customer.

The end result is a smokey flavor and aroma that blends with the cocktail, taking it to an entirely different level.

If you'd like to try out one of Aigner's smoked cocktails for yourself you can take a visit to the Liberty Street Bistro in Newburgh. Check out their website for operating hours.