Instead of paint and a paint brush, this local artist uses hot sauce and chicken wings to create her portraits.

The Hudson Valley has a rich art history. In the mid 19th century, The Hudson River School movement was started by cutting edge artists that used the river as a backdrop for their works of romanticism.

From the Storm King Arts Center, to DIA in Beacon, to the Bohemian art communities of Ulster County; there is still a thriving art movement right here in the Hudson Valley that continues to push boundaries and inspire other artists around the world.

We discovered one such artist this week. Working without a paint brush or paint, this artist utilizes chicken wings and hot sauce to create her masterpieces. The final product is something that is a feast for the eyes. We caught up with the artist to find out what drives her hunger to create such tantalizing paintings.

You can see the artist's Wing Art on display this Saturday, January 20, at the Ramada Inn in Fishkill during the annual Hudson Valley Wing Wars festival.