As any parent of a Lego fan knows, those sets can be expensive. But using a little fire power can cut your costs by hundreds.

That's right, I said fire.

Lego has figured out that every kid's favorite part of any Lego set is the minifigure. That's the little Lego guy that comes with each kit. Because these figures are so much in demand, Lego refuses to sell them separately. This forces parents to either shell out big bucks for unnecessary sets just to get the figure, or worse yet, pay crazy amounts of money for used minifigures on Ebay.

Lego does, however, sell minifigure keychains. They're made from the exact same minifigures that come with the sets, except that they're attached to a metal keychain. The best part is that these keychains usually run about $5. If you get them on sale they can be as cheap as $3. The Lego Store in Westchester had a sale of 5 for $15 the last time I was there; much less than the $200 they were asking for a deluxe set that included the same figures.

Simply removing the keychain will leave you with the exact same minifigure that comes in the expensive set. The only problem is that these keychains are anchored with a very long metal spike that's driven way down into the figure. Trying to remove it with tools or yanking it out will damage the figure, making it completely useless.

However, by using the simple trick below you can easily remove the keychain with no damage to the figure, leaving your child with a perfectly good minifigure that cost you just a few dollars instead of hundreds.

Here's how it works: