Most people dread cleaning. Dusting, vacuuming, washing floors. I used to hate it too. But not now. And I’ll be happy to share my secret with you.

I used to hate cleaning. But not now. And I’ll be happy to share my secret with you.

I love decorating. I love bringing something new into my house, finding the perfect spot for it, and admiring it. Or even just rearranging stuff. I’ll decorate any time of the day. If an idea comes to me at 5 am, I’ll do it at 5 am. So, one day a few years back, my boyfriend Bobby woke up early one morning to find me missing. I was actually downstairs getting ready to tackle cleaning the house. He called out for me and said, “Are you decorating again?” I answered that I was not decorating, I was cleaning. And he simply said “Same thing.”

That’s when it hit me. He’s right. Cleaning is decorating. What makes a house look better than a sparkling floor, shiny furniture that you can see your reflection in, and dust free everything? Cleaning is the best decoration a house could ask for. And it doesn’t cost much. A little elbow grease, a few cleaning products, and you’re in business. Maybe you won’t be able to embrace the “cleaning is decorating” theory the way I have, but it sure has worked for me.

That’s when it hit me. Cleaning is decorating.

So, instead of heading to Home Goods to spend more money, try a mop and dust cloth. Then head to Home Goods because whatever you buy will look so much better in your newly cleaned house.