For a lot of Hudson Valley parents the balance between work and family makes for some tough decisions.

It's the email that every working parent dreads: your child has a two-hour delay. While most people understand that severe weather will most certainly cause scheduling issues, many are left unprepared for those delays that seem to pop up out of nowhere when it's just raining or minor flurries are predicted.

What is your plan when school is delayed or called off?

For parents who both work, sometimes it comes down to deciding which parent can take off with the least repercussions. Who has an important meeting? Which office is more understanding? Who has more sick time? Other parents need to make arrangements with daycare providers or friends and family, many times trekking across town just to leave children in a safe place for the day.

While some parents are lucky enough to have options, those that don't are sometimes forced to bring their children to work with them, causing friction with coworkers and impacting the rest of staff.

In our family I'm lucky enough to work early in the morning, while my wife's career allows her to usually get in a few hours later. Even so, those unexpected snow delays can be hard to deal with, especially when you never know if they will eventually turn into a full-blown snow day with even less notice.

We want to know how you handle snow days. If you have young children and work here in the Hudson Valley, what is your plan when school is delayed or called off? Please share your advice for other parents who may find themselves with the same dilemma on our Facebook page or in the comments section below.

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