Am I a baby when it comes to pain? I’m not usually, but there is one painful thing that I am a baby about. And it’s absolutely ridiculous because we’ve all endured much worse pain, but for some reason the amount of pain that goes with such a minor injury doesn’t compute in my head, and I become a whiny little baby. You must be thinking, what is this mysterious injury?

It’s a paper cut. Yup, a teeny tiny paper cut. And I happen to have one right this minute. It barely hurts at all when it first happens, but you know what’s coming. And as soon as it does start hurting, I can’t stop thinking about it and then it starts throbbing. My paper cut happens to be in the front of my index finger right on the wrinkle formed by the first joint from the top.

I opened a bottle of seltzer today. Yikes! That was pretty painful. And hand sanitizer? Ouch! I think that’s the worst pain ever. But I have to use my hand sanitizer, there’s a global pandemic going on out there. Even washing the dishes has become a painful experience. This little, itty bitty cut is almost invisible to the eye, but it hurts like somebody is holding a flame to my finger. What the hell is up with that?

Luckily, a paper cut is a pretty short lived problem, and as quickly as the pain comes, all of a sudden it doesn’t hurt anymore. Until you get thirsty and try to open another bottle of seltzer. And then, here we go again… What a baby.

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