The pandemic has ruined birthday parties for kids and parents are desperately trying to keep their kids happy by thinking of different and creative things that they can do to make their children feel special on the birthday.

I have two daughters and they both have birthdays in March, so last year, we were only able to have a birthday party for my youngest, who is at the beginning of the month, and by the time my oldest's birthday came, everything was shut down, so she didn't get a birthday party with her friends. We were still able to make her feel special and loved on her birthday.

Now here we are, 12 months later and still battling the pandemic. This year, obviously we're not having a typical birthday party for either of my girls, but we're simply keeping it simple, a small party with just our immediate family for a total of roughly six or seven people. Probably the safest route. I see a lot of people are having drive-by birthday celebrations, where people drive by your house and beep, wave, give gifts, decorate their cars, and go all out. My kids don't seem to want any part of that, so keeping it simple is the way to go I guess.

What are you doing for your children on their birthdays? Are you keeping it simple and small with just family? Are you attempting to get some of your children's friends involved? Maybe, your promising your kid a giant party when the pandemic is over, let me know. Leave your ideas and thoughts below.

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