Honey Maid released a commercial last month that featured all sorts of families; Interracial families, families with single parents, gay parents, even families with punk rock parents.  Of course, there was outrage from religious and anti-gay groups who see a commercial with non-traditional families eating graham crackers as a sign that society is doomed.  Honey Maid took those complaints, printed them out and used them to create a whole new ad:

Now, people who spend their spare time writing letters to complain about a cracker commercial are pretty silly.  But using an important issue like equality just to sell graham crackers seems just as silly to me.  I mean, I certainly agree with their message of equality... But the one thing Honey Maid left out of their commercial was how the crackers actually taste.  That's kind of the number one thing I look for in a cracker.  Is it just me?