Cookie makers and home bakers are angry with Hershey's for ruining their holiday treats.

If you're getting ready to make Christmas cookies, you should prepare yourself for possible disappointment. It's very likely that your Peanutbutter Blossom cookies, one of the most beloved treats of the season, will not be looking so great this year.

The reason Hudson Valley tables will be filled with sad looking cookies is because of a mysterious problem with Hershey's Kisses. The teardrop-shaped chocolates have reportedly been appearing on local store shelves with broken tips. It's unclear why the chocolates are being produced incorrectly, but customers have been complaining online about purchasing bags of candies only to find a pile of ruined chocolates.

Hershey's has acknowledged the controversy by Tweeting a photo of various Kisses missing different parts of their tops. Above them, it says "Warm hearts this holiday season and take the time to celebrate our differences."

Whoever came up with that creative spin on an obvious manufacturing problem deserves a huge Christmas bonus from Hershey's this year.

The good news is that although those Kisses do look pretty ugly, there's absolutely nothing wrong with the quality or taste of the chocolate they're made from. So while you probably won't want to Instagram those Kiss cookies, they will still taste just as delicious as you remember.

Have you been disappointed by Hershey's Kisses this year? We'd love to see photos of your deformed cookies. You can post them on our Facebook page or send them to us through our free mobile app.

Or, even better, just drop the cookies here at the radio station. We'll be sure to try them out for, you know -- quality control purposes.