Mexicali Blue in Wappingers Falls was recently voted best taco in the Hudson Valley by Hudson Valley Magazine for their catfish taco. They also got the nod for best taco from WPDH listeners during the Boris & Robyn Battle of the Best. Even though I never ate catfish before, I had to try this thing out.

So, I'm going to be honest, I've never been a big fish eater. However, in recent years I've been trying new things, and I'm glad I have.

I stopped by Mexicali Blue in Wappingers Falls to check out their food, and see what goes into making what was voted the best taco in the Hudson Valley: The Catfish Taco

Served up two different ways, this thing is awesome! The catfish is super fresh, doesn't taste fishy in the least bit. Paired with fresh herbs and lime, I see why everybody loves this taco!

Make it a point to check out Mexicali Blue in Wappingers Falls!