A few weeks ago, we asked listeners about some of the towns and hamlets in New York state with the strangest names. We received a number of responses, including several locations we had never heard of. These are truly some areas where if you were to blink, you'll miss them. This is just one of them.

It's Called...What? 

Greene County residents pointed us in the direction of an area named Gayhead. After looking up the location through Google, details were rather scarce. According to Hometown Locater, Gayhead is actually a part of the Town of Cairo (Mapquest lists it as a part of Freehold, NY). Roadside Thoughts says that there are no websites dedicated to the area of Gayhead, instead posting a link to the Greene County Chamber of Commerce.

This Google Maps satellite image shows this area north of Cairo, where Gayhead Earlton Road and the Schohairie Turnpike cross. Aside from the roads, you can see just a few houses and other structures.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Aside from that, there are not many details at all. Anyone here ever been to Gayhead?

This is not to be confused with Gayhead Schools is Hopewell Junction, or Gayhead Pond in the same vicinity.

Bitch Mountain

When you think of weird names in the state of New York, you may think of towns like Halfmoon, Biath, Coxsackie, or Horse Heads to name a few. There are other locations too with curious names like; Moodna Creek, Rum Hill, and even Loon Lake. However, could this truly be one of the strangest named spots in all of New York state?

It's in the Adirondacks  

The Adirondacks, in northern New York, have attracted thousands of visitors every year for as long as we can remember. People from just about everywhere flock to the region known for its hiking, skiing, lodging, campsites, and overall breathtaking natural beauty and accommodations. If you're looking for information on its many peaks, summits, and areas, a simple Google search will usually bring you to an interactive website or blog where users share information, tips, and experiences. But one mountain appears to be shrouded in mystery.

Google brings back very little information, aside from its approximate location.

So, what is It? 

Bitch Mountain.

According to Wikipedia, Bitch Mountain has an elevation of 2,625 feet and is located in Essex County, NY. It is the 575th highest peak in the state. The map puts it to the west of Lake Champlain, and to the east of Lake Placid. Trails NH says it is located in the towns of Lewis and Chesterfield, with Jug (lol) Mountain to its immediate northeast. A post on Reddit didn't bring back too much either, though one user says Bitch may be on private land, and you might need to approach the mountain on an old logging road and then bushwhack your way to the summit. Some other maps seem to indicate that the area is heavily wooded and might be a bit inaccessible, so any further feedback is limited.

How did the Mountain Get its Name? 

This is also a mystery, for there doesn't seem to be any history on the name, or how it became known as Bitch Mountain? In the meantime, you can read about New York state's highest peak HERE. Luckily, there's a little bit more information and history in this case.

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