How do you say it?

After being off all last week, and spending last Thursday night, like a lot of sport fans watching the "Field of Dreams" baseball game between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. I came away with a rejuvenated love for baseball, but I also came away feeling like I've been saying something wrong for all my life.

First, Major League Baseball did a phenomenal job at putting the game on from a corn field in Iowa. It was not only a great scene but what a game as well. I know Yankee fans didn't like the outcome of the game, but it was so much fun to watch!! The only thing that had me scratching my head after the game was the whole debate that was started by actor Kevin Costner, who in the movie asks his dad, "Dad would you like to "HAVE" a catch."

That statement was argued online by many fans saying that it should have been said differently. Many think that it should have said, "Dad, would you like to play catch". Costner said in an interview that it's an east coast, west coast difference, with fans on the east saying have a catch, and fans from the west saying play catch.

Both Jess and I agreed that we both have always said it the same way. We would grab our glove and ball and go outside to HAVE A CATCH and we thought most of the Hudson Valley would agree with us, but boy were we wrong.

After almost 100 text messages in less than an hour, more than 75% of folks said that they go outside and PLAY CATCH! Andy texted us, "You guys are crazy, it's playing catch. Lol. Anne in Woodridge texted, "Morning. I coached softball for 8 is playing catch. Sorry." Ian in Tillson texted, "You HAVE a beer. You PLAY catch!" Kiki in Newburgh said, "Playing catch."

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