What would you say if you knew that one of Missouri's most haunted houses now has a doorbell cam? It's true and there is something that appeared on it that almost no one has seen...until now. What is the strange mist that appears out of nowhere?

For the record, it's almost accepted as fact that this home in Brumley, Missouri is the most haunted in the state - check out some pictures and video of the place. It was originally built by a country doctor and that's when people started dying there. A lot.

I don't know why, but very few people have seen this doorbell camera footage from the Brumley house even though this happened a couple years ago. Watch the brief appearance of a mist that disappears almost as quickly as it appears.

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If you look closely, this is where the mist appeared. It doesn't appear out of frame so no one is originating it off-camera.

Haunted Castle House via YouTube
Haunted Castle House via YouTube

I am a born skeptic and also work a lot in video. It's not easy to spoof a doorbell camera like this unless you're really good with layers and filters. I would rank this one right up there with some of the creepiest doorbell camera videos making their way around the net.

Considering this is a house that already has a tainted reputation of weird happenings, I'd have to wonder if there isn't something a bit sinister going on at the front door.

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