Are you superstitious? Do you believe in all those Friday the 13th wives' tales? I never thought I was the superstitious type, but the more I think about it the more I realize that I am.

I definitely say "God forbid" when talking about the possibility of something bad happening. Every single time. And if I'm talking about something in the future that I'm looking forward to, I usually say "God willing." I can't help it. When things are going good, I knock on wood. During a really good week you'll see how raw my knuckles are from knocking on wood. I don't step under ladders and if a black cat is headed my way I will detour if at all possible. And one time at the Vails Gate Diner I actually ordered a bowl of jello after the bill came because it was $6.66.

So am I superstitious? Maybe a little. Maybe a lot. I just figure better safe than sorry. Whether you believe in superstition or not, there's no denying that this Jeff Beck/Rod Stewart tune is awesome. Happy Friday the 13th!

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