Those of us over the age of 50 may remember a time when there was no Earth Day. The very first one was on April 22, 1970. So, it’s been around for quite awhile, and we’re a better country because of it. Earth Day helped to make us aware of the environment and how to keep it clean and more livable for generations to come.

Do you celebrate Earth Day? Honestly, I try to live by it, but sometimes I find myself doing things I shouldn't. Like throwing away a recyclable or not composting vegetable scraps. But for the most part, years of Earth Days have taught me to be kinder to the world around me. If you’re looking for an easy way to celebrate, you can plant a tree. And if you’re a LaGrange resident looking for a tree to plant, read on.

The Town of LaGrange Parks and Recreation Department has partnered with the Arlington High School Environmental Club to support their Tree-Plenish goal of offsetting Arlington High School's paper usage. Did you know that planting 250 trees will offset the 2.5 million sheets of paper used by the school in a year? To help reach that goal, they’re giving away free saplings. 

It’s a Drive-Thru Tree Sapling giveaway at LaGrange Town Hall on Stringham Road on Saturday, April 24 from 9AM - NOON. There will be three types of saplings; red maple, pin oak, and river birch. It’s one tree per resident in vehicle while supplies last. And the only thing they’re asking you do do in return is to be sure to plant the tree they give you.

So, if you’re not sure how to celebrate Earth Day, why not plant a tree? It’s easy and it’s good for the earth. And if you happen to be a resident of LaGrange, it’s also free. Happy Earth Day!

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day from Home

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