Join me tomorrow at Friendly Honda on Route 44 in Poughkeepsie from noon til one.  We will be doing Whole Lotta Lunch live from Friendly Honda.  Even though Boris and I are officially on our holiday vacation, I could not resist the chance to hang out at Friendly Honda there with all of my Friendly friends.

We will be enjoying a free lunch courtesy of the fine folks at The Chocolate Mousse Catering in Hyde Park.  They always whip up something delicious.  Plus we will have cool WPDH prizes, and you can sign up to become a VIP-DH member.  That’s our VIP club, and it gets you all sorts of cool things throughout the year.

Did I mention that Friendly Honda is the best place to buy a car?  New or used, you can’t beat Friendly Honda.  Friendly service, Friendly prices.  I hope to see you tomorrow afternoon from noon-1pm, and we can hang out and enjoy lunch together.  It’s a great way to kick off the holiday

Astrid Stawiarz /Getty Images for NYCWFF