I’ll begin my tale by telling you two things about myself. First, I’ve been on the search for years for the perfectly sized and colored cowhide rug. It didn’t have to be real cow hide. In fact if I could find a fake one that looked real in the right size and right color, that would be ideal. The second thing about myself is that I need instant gratification. Once I see what I want, I want it right now. Or yesterday. On with my tale.

Over the weekend I was in a furniture store in Poughkeepsie with my friend Sharyn, looking for furniture for her sitting room. As we were walking along the little display areas, I saw a rug that was not cowhide, it was just rectangular and beige. I mentioned that I wish I could find a cowhide rug the size of that rug and in a similar color. Well, we didn’t walk 20 feet before we saw it. The perfectly sized, perfectly colored, not real but real looking cowhide rug. On sale! I gasped. I heard those angel singing voices that you hear when you find the perfect thing. And I asked the salesperson where I could find the rug. She said I have to order it. 

Order it? It’s right here. I want this one. She said no. So I found a salesperson named Terence who happened to greet us when we came in. He was at least willing to ask the manager. He asked his manager whose name is Mike, and came back and said it has to be ordered. So I asked if I could talk to Mike. I explained to Mike the rug should be ordered for the store, and the customer should leave happy. And I got Mike to call the “Visual Manager” to find out if I could take the floor model. Well, within minutes the perfect cowhide rug was mine. Thanks Terence! Thanks Mike! Thanks Visual Manager!

And the even happier ending? The rug looks even better than I imagined it would. It’s just perfect, and no cows were injured. I’m not going to mention the store, but I will tell you that it begins with an A and ends with a Y. And they made me a very happy, instantly gratified customer.

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