Poor Zack Wheeler. The promising Major League pitcher had already missed a number of games through the past several seasons due to injuries. Now, the former New York Met suffered another mishap. This time, it was a bit embarrassing.

Wheeler just returned to the rotation Wednesday night with his new team, the Phillies, as they faced the Mets. Wheeler was pitching against his former team, when Philadelphia's bullpen blew the lead, and ended up losing 5-4 to the Mets. Tough blow. Wheeler pitched well, as it was first his stint back from this most recent injury. So, what was this injury? How did he get hurt?

ESPN says Wheeler was putting on a pair of pants last week when he stumbled and ended up ripping the nail on the middle finger of his right hand. As he tipped, his finger caught the lip of the belt buckle,causing the tear. It may sound kind of funny, but if you've ever ripped a fingernail, you know how painful that is. It also poses quite a problem if you're throwing a baseball for a living.

Just one of those stupid things. I tripped a little bit, I lost my balance, and my jeans yanked out of my hand.

Former Yankee manager Joe Girardi added, "...can't make this up.". 

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