An uninvited guest is accused of entering a home and helping herself to the beer and cookies.

The incident happened on April 28 in a small town called Fellsmere, Florida. Two men said they were outside near the front door having a brew when the woman walked right past them and entered the home.

One of the men said he asked the strange woman to leave, but she just yelled at them and went in anyway. At that point the woman went to the kitchen and began drinking Corona.

An affidavit states that Tammy Roseman then opened the beer and sat down at the dinner table where she began to drink the beer and to eat some cookies.

The 44 year-old Roseman, who is reportedly homeless, also allegedly screamed and banged on bedroom doors inside the home.

Roseman claims to authorities that she was invited in, and was offered cookies and handed a Corona. Non of the men said they knew who she was.

Roseman was arrested on burglary of occupied dwelling and theft charges.