In one of the most Florida stories ever, a man is accused of killing his older brother over a cheeseburger.

The incident allegedly happened Thursday when 25 year-old Benjamin Middendorf returned home from a night of drinking with his brother, 28 year-old Nicholas, his mother, and another man

Police in St. Cloud, Florida released the 911 call where the younger Middendorf can be heard yelling that he just shot his brother after a fight.

CNN reports that a woman's voice is also heard on the 911 call telling the operator that she's going to kill her son and that he hope he goes to jail.

Nicholas Middendorf was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ben Middendorf told police that while he was out with his family that night, he doesn't drink. He went on to say his older brother had bullied him and that he didn't remember much after that.

A spokeswoman for St. Cloud Police confirmed that the argument involved a cheeseburger.