Americans eat more than 50 billion hamburgers every year according to research done by PBS. Are we ready for some new options in the Hudson Valley? Statistics from Burger Web reveal that the hamburger industry is worth more than $70 billion annually and more than 70% of all restaurants in America are considered 'burger joints'.

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While the Hudson Valley already has lots of great restaurants in terms of both local options and national chains there are some glaring holes when it comes to certain businesses.

For example, Wahlburgers got their start in 2011 in Massachusetts and have spread across the country but there's a glaring hole in the Hudson Valley. In-N-Out Burger is one of the most popular burger restaurants in the country despite mainly focusing on west coast locations.

The restaurant that makes the most sense to increase its footprint in the Hudson Valley hasn't explored any options north of Nanuet. White Castle has locations 377 in 13 states. They're widely credited as being America's first fast-food burger chain.

However, just because it's a well-known brand doesn't guarantee success. For example, two Hudson Valley Carls Jr. locations in Poughkeepsie and Kingston closed in recent years after not getting the traffic that was expected.

That being said, which burger joint would you like to see expand in the Hudson Valley?

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