You've never been this close to one of the coolest predators in New York State before.

There's no shortage of sharp-toothed (and clawed) animals in our corner of the country; black bears, foxes, and coyotes are all commonplace in the Hudson Valley and beyond. The recent video released by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NY DEC), however, focuses on a more elusive hunter.

Predator Released in Northern New York

The video (below) is as mesmerizing as it is short. The 11-second clip shows the antsy creature launching itself in slow motion out of a carrier and into the snowy wilderness. The animal in question is a fisher, a North American hunter known for their dense fur and hunting prowess (fun fact: fishers are the only natural predator of porcupines), but the reason it was trapped in the first place is part of a larger story.

The NY DEC is Studying Fishers

This (and many other fishers) are part of the Fisher Demographic Project, a study being undertaken by the NY DEC to learn more about these fascinating mammals. Each captured fisher is fitted with a radio collar (below) so researchers can track their movement and interaction with other collared fishers once they're released.

The attached collar (circled) will help the DEC track the released fisher (NY DEC via Facebook)
The attached collar (circled) will help the DEC track the released fisher (NY DEC via Facebook)


While their numbers have rebounded since they were over-trapped in the early 1900s, fishers are still a rare sight due to their small size, forest habitat, and low reproductive numbers. Still, many Hudson Valley residents have spotted them in their backyards. While usually not a threat to humans, fishers have been known to target small pets. Check out the best ways to interact with all types of new York wildlife below.

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