Summer is in full swing, and Finkelstein & Partners have some simple safety reminders to ride safely and enjoy. Please share with your fellow riders!

  • Be observant. Continuously scan the road and check your mirrors. Unfortunately, motorcyclists share the road with other drivers of other larger vehicles who are sometimes negligent and even reckless. Stay out of blind spots.
  • As your visibility at night becomes more limited, reduce your speed and increase the space between you and riders/drivers ahead.
  • Riding a motorcycle requires physical and mental stamina. Do not drink alcohol and ride under any circumstances.
  • Bugs and pebbles flying through the air, cigarettes thrown out of cars, are all hazards for motorcyclists and could startle you and/or crack your protective gear. Be sure to pull off the road safely if necessary.
  • Make sure you have the proper, approved safety gear such as helmets and goggles. Jackets, vests, boots, gloves ... take the time to find the best products for you and your biking lifestyle so that you are comfortable and as safe as possible.