The U.S. federal government shutdown is entering its third week.

The New York Times reports that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has stopped routine food safety inspections of many food items. They have stopped inspections because of the federal government shutdown.

Specifically, they have stopped inspecting seafood, fruit, and vegetables, as well as many other foods. According to the New York Times, the FDA typically inspects 160 domestic manufacturing and food processing plants each week. One-third of those plants are considered to be "high risk" for causing food-borne illnesses. Thankfully, domestic meat and poultry are still being inspected by the U.S. Agriculture Department. However, those workers are still going without pay.

A former representative from the FDA told the New York Times that people should watch out for clams, mussels, oysters and other bivalves that come from possibly contaminated waters.

The effects of the government shutdown are also being felt in the alcohol industry, as new beer releases are being halted because proper agencies cannot approve them.