Pet owners and some of their favorite four-legged friends can soon rejoice, as the town of Fallsburg will soon be opening up its brand new dog park. This new dog park adds to the list of new places that have opened in recent months throughout the Hudson Valley that are friendly to our favorite furry buddies.

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Opening the Dogpatch in Fallsburg

It will not be long before the town of Fallsburg cuts the ribbon and officially opens the doors, (or should I say gate) to its brand-new dog park. According to a post from the town of Fallsburg News, Events and Information Facebook page, the new park is set to open up next week on Friday, October 20, 2023.

Dogs on a Walk
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The new dog park shall be located where the corner of Old Country Road meets Dogpatch Road in the Southern section of Fallsburg. As for what this new park will be called, well that one is actually pretty simple. The new location will be appropriately called "Dogpatch Town Park". The ceremony for the opening of the park will kick off at roughly 2 p.m.


New Dog-Friendly Businesses in the Hudson Valley

The upcoming opening of Dogpatch Town Park actually joins a list of new places and businesses that have opened in recent months here in the Hudson Valley.

Back during the Summer, another dog park opened in the town of Saugerties called Woof Gardens and this park offers more than just a place for your furry friend to get some exercise and socialize with other dogs. The park was the idea of the non-profit group Ulster County Canines and you can read more about them and Woof Gardens here.

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While having more dog parks in the region is a huge positive, there are plans to bring an entirely new business to the area where our furry friends would be treated like royalty.

Plans for a brand new doggy daycare have recently been discussed for the Hudson Valley. The business is called Central Bark and they currently operate in 15 states already. Technically speaking, you could say that this place is just a kennel but the types of things offered at Central Bark make it seem like a dog paradise. Here dogs could get their play and socialization needs filled while also having the option for "mental stimulation".

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Central Bark would also provide a number of other types of services, sadly plans are on hold currently, as building plans fell through and the owners of Central Bark are searching for a new plot of land where they can have their business built. You can read all of the details regarding Central Bark here.

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