A viral news story has been circulating that claims New York is considering a ban on propane grills. Is this truth or fiction?

It's getting harder and harder to figure out what's real news and what's not. Nowadays people are either too busy or too lazy to actually read anything, and since anyone can post whatever they like online, uninformed or lazy writers can unintentionally spread false information. When people read a clumsy headline and don't bother to venture into the rest of the story before commenting on it dangerous things can happen.

Panic Spreads After Story Suggests Gas Grills Could be Outlawed in New York

Just as the spring grilling season kicks off, a story that hints at a possible propane tank ban in New York has begun to go viral. My news feed has been plagued with various versions of this story that links a new law passed in California with a theory that gas grills are destined to be outlawed in New York.

New York State Las

The story begins with an explanation of New York's controversial law banning gas appliances in new construction. Under the law, natural gas stoves and furnaces would be forbidden to be installed in new buildings as early as 2026, but the law still allows those with existing gas service in their homes to keep on using these appliances.

An abundance of misinformation is being spread concerning this law. Some of it has come from opponents of the legislation who fear that propane tanks will also be targeted by legislators.  This fear was ramped up after California successfully passed a law banning single-use propane cylinders. Several articles suggest that New York could follow suit and ban outdoor grilling.

California Propane Ban is Misunderstood

The California law specifically bans the sale of single-use propane cylinders starting in 2028. However, this only goes for those small, green propane canisters used for camping grills. While the sale of these cylinders will be banned in four years, the use of them in California will still be legal, so those purchased in other states will still be fine to use. It's possible that a refillable version of these small canisters could also be developed to get around the law.

It's important to note that this law is just in California and does not include refillable propane tanks used for outdoor gas grills. Some people are suggesting that New York could follow California's lead, but even if that is the case it will have absolutely no affect on the Weber grill you use in your backyard.

Grill Ban New York

Governor Hochul's Office Confirms New York Will Not Ban Gas Grills

WIBX reached out to Governor Hochul in December and specifically asked about a possible ban on gas grills. Her office replied quickly with confirmation that the state is not pursuing any bans on outdoor propane or charcoal grills.

So, before you start angrily typing away at some clumsily written headline you see on Facebook, be sure to read the story first and make sure you know what the facts are. While there are plenty of things to criticize New York politicians about, ruining your cookout isn't one of them.

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