We're always keeping our eyes on the Hudson Valley skies.

Hudson Valley Meteorologist Joe Rao took to Facebook to explain an extremely rare sunrise that will frame our skies in June. Yes, it's a few months from now but better to be prepared and put it in your calendar now.

Save the date: June 10, 2021.

According to Rao, we will be experiencing a "Sunrise Scimitar." On the morning of June 10, during the sunrise at 5:24 am, the sun will rise looking to a crescent moon. Rao explains on Facebook "It will be near the peak of a partial eclipse of the Sun in which 73% of the Sun's disk will be obscured by the passing New Moon."

For us New Yorker's this will be a special treat. We haven't seen a "Sunrise Scimitar" since 1959 and it's only appeared twice in 150 years. Rao said

Sunrise coinciding with the peak of a solar eclipse of large magnitude is a rather rare occurrence; for NYC is has happened only twice in the last 150 years: in Sept. 1875 and October 1959.



You can read more about the Sunrise Scimitar in Sky & Telescope Magazine. Joe Rao shared his knowledge on the rare sunrise event in a cover story he did for the publication:

The countdown is on.

I know personally, I can't wait to see some of the impressive photos Hudson Valley photographers will take during this rare sunrise event.

Mark your calendar, set your alerts and your reminders for June 10, 2021 at 5:24 am.

Will you be waking up to catch the Sunrise Scimitar?

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