A beloved journalist is now fully vaccinated thanks to a local Hudson Valley pharmacy.

We have lots of celebrities who call the Hudson Valley home, but just when you thought you've heard about them all you discover another one of your heroes has been living in your backyard all this time.

I'm pretty selective with the people I follow on social media. With so much misinformation and tone-deaf opinions, my "unfollow" button has seen quite a workout this year. However, the one journalist I find myself turning to when I need to make sense of the news is Soledad O'Brien. The Emmy-winning newsperson exemplifies integrity. O'Brien doesn't have a political agenda, her only goal seems to be seeking out the truth, and she has no problem calling out both conservative and liberal media for not doing their jobs.

Getty Images for IFP/Google Maps
Getty Images for IFP/Google Maps

Even though I host a stupid morning radio show, I think it's important to share facts with the listeners that are true, even if it's not necessarily what they (or I) want to hear. These days that isn't always an easy or popular thing to do, but I've found inspiration from people like O'Brien to present the truth at all costs.

So you can imagine my surprise when I scrolled through my Twitter feed this week to see O'Brien drop a Newburgh, NY mention.

This piqued my interest. Why was O'Brien getting vaccinated in Newburgh of all places? Well, it turns out that the journalist I've been following for all of these years actually lives just down the road.

A quick Google search revealed that O'Brien lives in Pawling. While I know she's posted tons of pictures of horses, I honestly had no idea that she rode them right here in the Hudson Valley. In fact, a Facebook post from a couple of years ago shows her hosting a party at home with our friend Vinny from Vinny's Deli in Pawling. Seriously, how did I not know about this?

Well, I'm glad to hear that O'Brien now has her vaccine and am even happier to hear that she also loves the Hudson Valley as much as I do. Now I'm wondering if any more of my heroes happen to have roots in the area (frantically Googling "Yankovic Weird Al Hudson Valley" right now).

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