Actor James Cromwell and a giant goose are coming to the Hudson Valley. So what's this all about? Cromwell plans to join in protest outside of the Sullivan County Courthouse on Tuesday where an animal activist is expected to be sentenced for stealing ducks in 2011.

The activist, 29 year-old Amber Canavan is expected to be to serve 30 days says the Times Herald Record. Canavan allegedly stole the ducks from the Hudson Valley Foie Gras in Liberty as a way for protesting the facility’s practice of producing foie gras by force-feeding the animals grain. Many animal rights activist including Cromwell consider the practice inhumane.

As someone who has been arrested for speaking up for animals, I have the utmost respect for Amber Canavan’s dedication to exposing the cruelty of force-feeding ducks for foie gras.

A fellow activist will be dressed as the goose which should provide an interesting sight.