I hate Nazis.

See, that was easy. I also despise the KKK and other white nationalist groups.

That's not a hard thing to say, but in today's political climate some people are having trouble denouncing hate groups. Unenthusiastic condemnation of their acts is somehow now being followed with a very loud and disturbing "but."

There's no "but" to it. Hate groups have no place in America. Yes, they have the freedom to spew their disgusting message, but we cannot and should not allow anyone to make them think their words are legitimate or somehow equal to counter protesters.

I know many good people here in the Hudson Valley who love our country and everything it stands for. While they may be on very different sides of the political aisle, it makes me proud to be an American when they all agree that these despicable hate groups are not what our country is all about. This is not a political issue. This is not a partisan debate.  We can not apologize to hate groups when their hatred incites violence.

Violence is never right. Never. But when a hate rally that's organized by white supremacists turns violent, everyone can agree that it is 100% the fault of the white supremacists who gathered to spread their hate. Groups that oppose hate sometimes make poor decisions. That certainly does not "even out the playing field" or somehow mean that there are two sides to the story.

I teach my child every day that everyone is the same no matter what they look like, what they wear or how they talk. I see him making friends with other children not because of what they are on the outside, but who they are on the inside. This gives me profound hope for the future. We, as adults, have completely screwed things up. I hope with all of my heart that the next generation will somehow get it right.

Before arguing this point on social media, please remember that history is watching us. Our children are watching us. We must stand united in denouncing Nazis, the KKK and white nationalist groups. Period, end of sentence. There's nothing to debate here.

No "buts" about it.

-Andrew Boris