A. Boris
A. Boris

If you didn't get to see the solar eclipse over the Hudson Valley today, we've got you covered.

On Monday at around 1:30pm there was a light crowd assembled on the Walkway Over The Hudson. As the solar eclipse began to unfold, however, the crowd began to grow with onlookers from as far as California checking out the show.

Spectators arrived with homemade pinhole projectors, welding masks, paper plates with holes in them and binoculars turned backwards to project the moon's path across the sun. A lucky few were even able to find ISO rated glasses to protect their eyes and shared them with other onlookers so they could all get a glimpse of the eclipse.

Watching the crowd was almost as much fun as the eclipse itself. We created a quick time lapse video that shows just how the crowd reacted during the different stages of the eclipse.

Did you get to see the solar eclipse over the Hudson Valley? We'd love to see your photos and video. Feel free to share them on our Facebook page.