Disgraced politician, Anthony Weiner, has a new job thanks to a Hudson Valley business owner.

With everything happening this year you probably haven't spent much time wondering what Anthony Weiner has been up to. I know I haven't. The former Democratic congressman stepped down from his position after he was caught in a sexting scandal. Of course, this was back in the day when people actually cared if politicians did creepy things. Years later, Weiner successfully repaired his image and led the race for Mayor of New York City until he was caught sending out photos of his crotch yet again. After we learned of his "Carlos Danger" alter-ego and pictures of Weiner's wiener were plastered on every news outlet across the country, his political career was pretty much destroyed beyond repair. Eventually, Weiner was sent to prison for sexting with an underage girl and we never heard from him again -- until now because, you know, it's 2020.

Anthony Weiner Holds Press Conference As New Sexting Evidence Emerges
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According to the New York Post, a Rhinebeck businessman has given Anthony Weiner a new lease on life. Dal LaMagna is the owner of IceStone, a company that makes countertops out of recycled glass. After unsuccessfully running for congress years ago, LaMagna befriended Weiner and became a close friend, even visiting him during his time in prison.

LaMagna said that Weiner reached out to him for a job and was eventually hired as the company's CEO. The owner, who lives on a farm in Rhinebeck, says that Weiner has brought his son up to the Hudson Valley to visit and the former politician is "a lot of fun" and a "really funny guy."

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It turns out that Weiner is pretty good at his job. Because he has so many New York connections and the company is based in Brooklyn, Weiner has been helping to turn the company around. Since starting a few months ago, Weiner has introduced new products with the colors of New Yorkers' favorite teams. Mets fans can now get a kitchen countertop with highlights of blue and orange glass pieces.

LaMagna claims that Weiner is a better CEO than he is, and has lots of hope for the company under his helm. Let's just hope he puts someone else in charge of the business' Twitter account.

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