Firefighters from the Hudson Valley went above and beyond to save the lives for a dozen baby ducks.

On Wednesday, May 31, the Brewster Fire Department responded to a very unusual call. A call to help rescue about a dozen baby mallard ducks.

Dozen Baby Mallard Ducks Rescued In Putnam County, New York


Firefighters from the Brewster Fire Department have recently responded to home fires, car crashes, downed power lines, and more. However, I'm sure many of the Brewster Fire Department's members didn't expect to save the life of baby ducks.

Well, that's what happen this past Wednesday in Putnam County, New York. The Brewster Fire Department was notified that a dozen baby mallard ducks somehow ended up in a storm drain on Gage Road on Wednesday.

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Dozen Baby Mallard Ducks Rescued From Storm Drain In Brewster, New York


Where was the duck's mother? Firefighters report the mother watched the entire rescue.

Responding firefighters were able to safely rescue all of the baby mallard ducks as the mother watched from nearby.

No injuries to ducks or firefighters were reported.

"Brewster firefighters rescued a dozen baby mallard ducks from a storm drain on Gage Road on Weds. Their mother watched the rescue from nearby," the Brewster Fire Department.

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