The name sounds like it belongs on the Hallmark Channel.

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Learning about the Hudson Valley has become something I find very interesting these days. There are so many little hamlets and towns that make up the area and it can be a little hard to keep up with them all. I was doing some research online recently and a hamlet popped up that I've never heard of before and it instantly made me want to know more.

Where is the hamlet of Smallwood located in the Hudson Valley?

Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Wasn't there a popular show at some point on television called Smallville? (I believe it was a little before my time) but this hamlet sounds similar to it. Smallwood is located right in Sullivan County and it's a hamlet within the Town of Bethel. So...what exactly is Smallwood known for?

Smallwood has become known for having log cabins and camps that were constructed during the 1930s. According to sources, most of the cabins were built with materials that were locally sourced and many of the cabins are used for summer homes or for residents who live their all year-round. Sources also say that a lot of the cabins contain beautiful wood and limestone which gives them a unique design.

I tried to get some pictures of Smallwood, but it was tough. If you have any pictures or know anyone who has lived or lived in Smallwood PLEASE send them in on the station app. Also, if you know another cool town that might be hidden in the Hudson Valley, let us know as well.

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