It only takes a few minutes on social media this time of year to see all the good work that our local area shelters are doing. It seems lately with all the winter weather there have been more stories of pets either being lost or found throughout the Hudson Valley. The local shelters are usually the first call when a lost pet needs help. Area shelters are there to help until a pet is reunited with their family.

Keeping up with supplies can be a challenge and the cost of those supplies can be a real burden on our shelters. Think about what you you use daily for your pet and then multiply that by the number of animals in our shelters. It adds up quickly. Shelters can always use your generous donations but this time of year the need is crucial.

The winter months are when most of us are distracted by weather and our budgets get tight due to holiday expenses or increases in our monthly bills thanks to heating costs. We may not be thinking about how we could donate to an animal shelter. Unfortunately shelters see increases this time of year as well. Increases in the shelter pet population and increase in their expenses.

This Facebook post was shared today. Hopefully folks near by can drop off some supplies ASAP.

If this shelter isn't near you that's ok, the shelter that is will take your donations. Every community has an animal shelter they work with to assist animals in need. If you aren't familiar with one or you not sure where to go you should contact your town or county office. They will be able to help you find your closest shelter.

Local shelters are one of the place pets are waiting for a forever home. Various circumstances lead to a pet being housed in a shelter but the simple fact is the shelter is there to care for animals in need of a temporary home. So even if you can't have a pet the shelter is happy to accept your generosity. Don't feel like you can't help if you can't adopt. Our shelters are just glad to have the support.

A quick list of area shelters

Hudson Valley Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

Hudson Valley SPCA

Pets Alive

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