The Walkway Over the Hudson is a great way to enjoy the day with your four legged friend. But there's one reason why you should leave Fido at home this weekend.

Animal lovers relish spending as much time with their pets as they can. And, for the most part, that's a great thing. Outdoor activities, like walking on the incredible bridge connecting Poughkeepsie and Highland, is a favorite past time for most dogs and their owners.

But there's a hidden danger on the Walkway Over the Hudson that most pet owners don't know or think about.

When temperatures start to climb into the 80s and 90s, the Walkway Over the Hudson can be devastating to pets. Because the surface of the pedestrian bridge is made of concrete, it absorbs and holds heat from the sun. Temperatures can reach levels that could burn your pet's paws in just a matter of minutes.

With temperatures expected to hit 90 degrees on Sunday and climb close to 100 on Monday it's wise to use extra caution when bringing your pet on the walkway. Be sure to check the surface temperature first and prepare to carry your pet if you notice any distress.

Of course, it's also wise to remember to bring plenty of drinking water for your pet, as well as yourself. Thinking about your pet's comfort and safety will allow both of you to enjoy spending every moment of quality time together this summer.