A 25 year-old New York state's man obituary has got a lot of people talking over the internet. But it's not just it's humor that's drawn attention, it's the message and warning that it carries as well. Don't drink and drive.

Cody James Holland of Ogdensburg, passed away August 8. The obituary describes him as a "tough guy with a big heart! Friend to most, hater to some. He loved his middle finger and showing his butt to the world!”

Sounds like an interesting guy. It even goes on to say he jokingly (?) said he wanted to be a porn star back when he was in high school. The piece from the Frary Funeral Homes said he had recently worked as a corrections officer.

But the obituary takes a darker turn, and issues the warning. Unfortunately, it appears he made some poor choices. "He drank, drove, and didn’t wear his seat belt! Please, don’t be a dumb ass!” There aren't a lot of other details surrounding his death, but if it was because of him getting behind the wheel while drunk, then his family apparently wants everyone else to know. Don't be a dumbass.

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