Sometimes there are no words, but I'll try. Thanks to the concern and awareness of a Orange County, NY resident, two dogs have been rescued from one of the cruelest fates imaginable.

Dog Rescue in Monticello, NY

First, the good news. The two dogs have been rescued and are currently safe. The bad news is the person responsible for how the dogs were found is still unknown. Here's what happened according to the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office:

"Thank you to the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office, for their swift response to a complaint of dogs whining and barking in the woods" began a Facebook post from Joanne Lionetti Gerow, the director of Catskill Animal Rescue, Inc. "Search of the area on Old 17 in Monticello resulted in the rescue of two dogs found locked in a wire crate about 400 feet off the road in dense woods."

Reaction to Rescue in Sullivan County, NY

It's enough to make your head spin. Two dogs forced into a cage that is hardly big enough for one of them, left hidden in the woods in the middle of one of the hottest weeks we've seen this year to presumably suffer a slow and agonizing fate. As director Lionetti Gerow said, "this is one of the lowest things anyone can do to an animal."

Viral Rescue Post

The post, which has been shared nearly 500 times at the time of publishing, has thousands of people voicing their anger. "I will never ever understand how someone can do this. I don’t want to be able to understand, it’s sick sick sick", lamented a Catskill Animal Rescue adoption coordinator. Another comment minced no words: "It's one thing to put in a highly populated area to be found immediately. This was done to kill the dogs. Rot in hell to the person or persons who carried this crate and walk[ed] 2 dogs to their death." You can see a photo here.

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The dogs are currently under the care of Catskill Animal Rescue in Monticello, NY. You can see another amazing rescue of a small dog who was trapped at the bottom of a deep crevasse in Minnewaska State Park below, and keep scrolling to check out the horse rescued from a residential pool.

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