Wouldn't it be fun to go to the bookstore and read one of your favorite books while enjoying a drink?

Back in June, we had reported that a brand new Barnes & Noble that was to serve wine and beer was set to open in the area in October.

Well, October has come and gone and the store still isn't open. Lohud is reporting that the opening of new concept Barnes & Noble has been pushed back to December.

What's the delay? Looks like a number of things. According to Eastchester Fire Chief Mike Grogan, the whole project has been pushed back because of construction delays. He also said the store was fined because an inspection found employees already inside stocking shelves without a certificate of occupancy.

The new "super" Barnes & Noble will also feature a restaurant with an expanded menu. Got to have some food if you're drinking, of course!

This is the first of the new experimental Barnes & Noble bookstores set to open within the next year. The other four new stores are in Edina, Minnesota, Folsom, California, Loudon, Virginia, and Plano, Texas.

The company is hoping the new concept will bring back customers who were lost to online retailers.