In 2018 David Arquette showed up in the Hudson Valley wearing wrestling tights. We all thought he was crazy, and it turns out he actually was.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette gets its digital release today. The documentary film follows Arquette across the country as he returns to the world of wrestling to redeem himself after being disgraced by fans and fellow wrestlers. The film is a look at just how real wrestling is, showing Arquette bodyslamming people on the street in Mexico and getting a fluorescent light bulb stabbed into his neck.

We spoke to Arquette about some of the injuries he sustained during the filming of the documentary before his 2018 match in Poughkeepsie.

Leaked scenes from the film show Arquette being subject to a particularly nasty pile driver courtesy of Jerry "The King" Lawlor as well as some other moments that appear to be taken from matches in Danbury and Poughkeepsie's Mid Hudson Civic Center in August of last year.

YouTube/Super LTD
YouTube/Super LTD

Another scene shows Arquette's face being smashed into a birthday cake while promoting his 2018 match at the Hudson Valley Community Center.  You can expect to see lots of the wrestler's early matches at small venues including one that actually took place in someone's backyard.

You Cannot Kill David Arquette is available starting today on VOD.


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