Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced new funding to upgrade pedestrian safety in New York.

On Monday, June 11, Governor Cuomo announced that $62 million in funding will go towards improving pedestrian safety across the state of New York. The announcement, made via press release, states that this is part of the Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, a multi-agency initiative to utilize engineering, education and enforcement campaigns to enhance pedestrian safety.

Part of this funding will be used for a police enforcement and education campaign, which will focus on correct pedestrian and motorist behavior. Last year, it was found that at least 2,000 crosswalks were without traffic signals.

Specifically, in the Hudson Valley, the money will be used for two projects that will start later in 2018. These projects will address 334 locations in the Hudson Valley. The work is expected to be mostly completed by next year, and the full completion to be accomplished by 2020. The release did not specify what the projects are, or the locations.