The world-class brewing operation at the CIA is up and running, but with the campus closed to the public, the beer is just piling up. Maybe you could help by taking some off of their hands?

Hutch Kugeman is the head brewer at the CIA Brewery, where students not only learn about how beer is made, but also get to participate in the process. The award-winning brewer teaches bachelor-level students all about ingredients, equipment, and techniques used to create beer in a course, titled “The Art and Science of Brewing.” The program is designed to educate future restaurant owners and chefs about appreciating and properly incorporating craft beer in the culinary world.

While students are still learning and brewing during the pandemic, the campus is closed to outside guests. The CIA's on-site restaurants are not accepting reservations and their student-run cafeteria, The Egg, is only open to students. That leaves a significantly fewer amount of people to drink all of that fresh, craft beer.

Not wanting any beer to go to waste, the Culinary Institute of America is now offering delivery to residents of New York State. You can help find a home for the vats of fresh, world-class beer that's beginning to pile up at the school's Hyde Park campus by ordering online.

Currently, three beers are being offered in 32-ounce cans including the school's flagship Cleaver IPA. The West Coast style IPA is a collaboration between Kugeman and Brooklyn Brewery's Garrett Oliver. There's a lot of upfront hops and fruitiness without making the beer too bitter. Other selections include the Mise En Place Wit and St. Andrew's Abby Ale, a Belgian-style Dubbel. described as "Rich, robust, and ruby-hued with notes of dark fruit (figs, cherries, raisins) and chocolate balanced by a dry finish."

You can order all three beers online for $10.82 each. There is a two-beer minimum and four-beer maximum per order with a flat $21.95 delivery charge.

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