Well, here's something you don't see everyday. An enormous naked man has become an Internet sensation after going on a rampage in the Hudson Valley.

In a video that has started to make its way around the web, an unidentified man is seen completely naked, strolling down a Hudson Valley street. According to the clip's description, the "crazy naked giant" is causing havoc in the City of Poughkeepsie.

As the video rolls you can hear the photographer warn the naked man that he's going to get arrested. Unfazed, the mysterious free spirit keeps yelling "Do you know who I am?" and continues to walk down the street.

The photographer follows from the safety of their own vehicle as the naked giant approaches a parked car and begins to wildly beat on the windshield before attempting to rip off the side-view mirror. He then uses the mirror as a punching bag before staggering to the middle of the road.

That's when things take an even stranger turn as the buck-naked behemoth squats over the double yellow line. The nude man screams and yells and attempts some wild dance moves before eventually falling to the ground. Then, out of nowhere, he quickly does a back flip, mysteriously disappearing off screen never to be seen again.

You can see it all go down for yourself, but be warned. The NSFW video contains adult language and images of a very large naked man:

The video was posted in 2012, but has just recently begun to make the rounds. If anyone has any information about the man in the clip, or the circumstances around his odd behavior, we'd love to know more.